business process management

Images: screenshots from course video and interactions.


My challenge in this development was to design for engagement in a course that was content heavy, ensuring the learning remain active and the experience intriguing. In this project I collaborated with subject matter experts from Queensland University of Technology's Science and Engineering Faculty and their colleagues in The Netherlands and Austria to produce a six week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on the Fundamentals of Business Process Management, developed in the EdCast platform. A 7000 strong student cohort of mainly working professionals hailing from 88 countries participated. 


Excellent instructors, their friendly and helpful replies to our comments, extraordinary combination of videos, diagrams, short texts and quizzes. It set a whole new benchmark for mooc`s.
I really enjoyed the video presenters, plus the outside expert interviews. I have taken more than 10 MOOCs and this one was the most well prepared and developed. Kudos to QUT.