Social media analytics

Images: screenshots from course video and interactions.


My challenge in this project was to provide a good student experience for a large and diverse cohort in the sometimes technically daunting field of data analytics. For this project I collaborated with the Digital Media Research Centre (Queensland University of Technology) to design an Massive Open Online course (MOOC) in partnership with the British platform FutureLearn. I was responsible for the course design, the scripting and storyboarding of all course videos, learning activities, peer and Twitter interactions. The course attracted over 9000 learners in it's first offering and has just wrapped a second run. Users on FutureLearn can be any age, hail from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and have any educational background. 


Above all expectation. Enjoyed the many aspects of SM, the interesting articles, videos etc and all interaction and learning with students. I’m also positively surprised that the instructions to do the hands-on exercises was so detailed that everything just worked. I will save and use them. Thanks to all!
This was a very interesting and informative course in a fascinating field. The materials, articles, and mentor support were super — well thought-out and well organized — and the contributions by fellow learners added greatly to the value of the course. Thank you!